Nếu như ai mới từ win chuyển qua mac thì sẽ thấy trình quản lí file của mac đơn giản và có vẻ như là thiếu nhiều chức năng quá. Với RAGE Macintosh Explorer tất cả đã được giải quyết.

Tính năng mạnh mẽ:
* Tabbed file browsing reduces window clutter and allows instant switching between folders
* Thumbnail view lets you see previews of all picture files instead of just generic icons
* Hierarchical overview of all files and folders
* Filter file list only shows specific files that match a certain criteria making it easy to locate what you are looking for
* Folder banks provide the ability to group specific documents together
* Spring loading folders and advanced drag and drop features
* Preview files as you browse
* Store links to commonly used items
* Get and set extended finder info
* Batch file info changer
* Cut, copy and paste files like text in a text editor
* Permanently delete files and folders
* Open multiple browser windows
* Much, much more...

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